Glamping, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada

Frequently asked questions and other things to know

Q – How many tent do you have?
A – We currently have 5 luxury tents; 4 are located around our scenic pond, with the other 1 is further  out with more privacy.

Q – Do you have electricity in the tents?
A – There is no electricity in the tents. However, we do have a power outlet at the kitchen area for guest use.

Q – What exactly is in the tent for guest use?
A – The tent is furnished with beautiful hand crafted unique furniture including two bedside tables, a coat stand, small dresser and hutch containing all your kitchen equipment. The kitchen hutch has all cooking utensils, pans, fry pan, grater, pot to boil water, strainer, plastic wine & water glasses, cutlery, mix bowls, crockery ( dinner plates, side plates, bowls, mugs) ,lighter, paper towel, tin foil, food wrap, dish washing liquid, cloths etc.

Q – Is the campsite dog / pet friendly?
A – There are no pets allowed. However, we have a friendly dog called Bella, who is likely to be onsite.

Q – Do you welcome large groups?
A – Of course we welcome groups. Talk to us to discuss further arrangements.

Q – Are you allowed people to visit?
A – You are allowed day visitors, but they will need to sign in at reception upon arrival.

Q – Do you allow campers to have fires?
A – Yes, each tent has its own firepit and we will supply your first load of wood. We also have a communal fire  each evening  for everyone enjoy, if you wish to join us and other guests.

Q – Are there any hidden cost?
A – No, there are no hidden cost.

Q – How do you guys keep the mattresses and blankets, pillows, etc. from becoming damp from the weather, infested from bugs, etc.. Do you keep the stuff stored until the day of arrival or something?
A – ALL the bedding is removed from the bed after each guest has been, we flip the mattress upside down. The whole tent is washed  with bleach and disinfected wipes. ALL the bedding(including comforter and bed skirt) is washed by the local laundromat and then stored in air tight boxes.

Q – What about to wash the dishes? Do we bring soap?
A – No need to bring dish soap , we supply that and all your dishes.

Q – Can we have a bachelorette party?
A – Yes, We have hosted many successful parties and will assist you in anyway we can.

Q – Can we have a Mani/Pedi?
A – Yes, but this will need to be booked in advance, as the lady is not based onsite. We can offer many other treatments too.

Q – Are the bugs bad
A – Not too bad, its nature so of course it cannot be controlled, but the most part of the day it is not a problem. At dusk a few like to come out for about an hour, but bug spray or staying in the tent is effective.

– We are able to put extra / foldaway beds in the tents, for up to 2 children. A small charge of $15 per cot is applied.

– If you have children that would like to pitch their own tent beside your luxury tent, this is possible with a charge of $25.00.

– We have high chairs and playpens /foldaway cribs if required.

– Prices include a pile of firewood for your first day; enough for you to have a fire and to cook on. $10 for a large wheelbarrow after.